Trainings & Professional Development

LGBTQ Educational Training and Professional Development

Our Family Coalition provides many capacity and skill-building opportunities so you can continue to effectively contribute to the creation of a more inclusive world for LGBTQ families. Learn how to become a community leader for positive change through one of our ongoing trainings.

We provide support and resources on both LGBTQ-specific and general parenting topics in an LGBTQ-friendly environment. Come learn about:

* Legal rights and protections
* Positive parenting practices
* Family building
* Coming out to your children
* Talking with children about their biological origins
* Child development, and more.

Find upcoming trainings and workshops in our current event calendar. Don’t see a topic that you’d like to learn more about? Contact us to suggest a workshop facilitator or topic below.

Reach out to Our Family Coalition to schedule or inquire about trainings and professional development:

Our Family Coalition Education staff have decades of experience providing trainings and professional development opportunities to child-serving professionals, educators, school staff, parents, and caregivers in issues of family and gender diversity and creating safe learning spaces for all students.

Please contact us below, to schedule LGBTQ History inclusive trainings and professional development for your organization. You may also include any questions you have about the 2011 FAIR Education Act, the lesson plans, textbook evaluation tools, and implementation. Thanks in advance, and we’ll be talking with you soon!